Monday, July 7, 2008

hello family! sorry i haven't blogged in forever, i have been on my summer brake so i decided not to touch a computer the whole week seeing as i am on the computer all day at school! so i really took a brake, and didn't do anything for a week...... it was great....... my best friend didn't have school either (so i didn't have to watch sean) and we hung out the whole week it was nice to sleep in and stay up late! i went to see fire works on the third at the fair grounds then on the fourth we went to the Rhonert park fire works then we had a BBQ at the park on Saturday! then we slept the rest of the weekend!!!

now I'm back a school and i have to work all week! I'm back on the grind i only have 4 weeks left in my 4Th mod witch means I'm half way done! wahoooooo!!!!! OK well ill blog ya later love you all!